Gamers play for free on NXTSCORE and earn NXTX tokens by referring friends and winning tournament prizes


Sports gaming operators and pay TV services get access to NXTSCORE gamers by becoming protocol partners

 The future of sports is this

The act of watching sports will feel like playing a video game, with constant gaming actions and predictions that anticipate the next play, the next pitch, the next pass, the next first down, the next putt, the next lap, the next bucket, the next score -with real money on the line.

The next play matters

This is

The protocol for sports

 Why Now

"Everyone who owns a top four professional sports team just basically saw the value of their team double."
Mark Cuban
In May 2018, the biggest thing to happen to American sports in this century occurred: The United States Supreme Court ruled that the individual US states could legalize sports gambling, and the federal government did not have the authority to prevent such legalization by the states.
Over the past three years, states have rushed to legalize sports betting. Trillions of dollars worth of bets will be transacted within this ecosystem in the next 20 years. Everyone from television networks, pay TV services, teams, leagues, and sports betting operators are positioning themselves to get a share of this action.
Our token and protocol seek to place the sports gamer at the heart of this ecosystem, enabling fans to capture their value to the sports economy.

For The Gamer

The purpose of the distribution of tokens is to get gamers to join and populate the NXTSCORE gaming ecosystem, blockchain, and get transactions on the protocol flowing.
What we want to do is use the leverage of a million gamers to slip a protocol, a token, and create an economy between gaming operators and the TV ecosystem of pay TV services, TV networks, and rightsholders such as leagues and teams.
We want to drive down the costs of customer acquisition for our protocol partners, while enabling gamers to capture more of their economic value. The NXTSCORE protocol enables value to be captured by gamers as opposed to by capital markets. In order to get momentum towards critical mass, we need 100,000 gamers on board to stir the pot.

 The Token

The NXTSCORE protocol and ecosystem functions using NXTX tokens (pronounced "Next X"). NXTX are ERC-20 tokens. Tokens can be burned and converted on a 1-to-1 basis for tokens on other chains, but no more than 1 billion NXTX tokens in total will ever exist across all chains.
1 bhu = 1/1,000,000 NXTX
Gamers "mine" NXTX tokens by winning them on the NXTSCORE app, referring friends, and by playing games powered by protocol partners. Protocol partners -companies that need to reach sports fans, use NXTX tokens and create NXTX token incentives to access and interact with gamers on the NXTSCORE blockchain.

Token Distribution

Referral Bonuses for first 100,000 gamers

100 million NXTX tokens reserved for the first 100,000 gamers to join NXTSCORE

Gamer gets 500 NXTX tokens and the friend referred gets another 500 NXTX tokens

Referral Bonus for next 1 million gamers

100 million NXTX tokens reserved for gamers after the first 100,000 to join NXTSCORE

Fully completed USER IDs

The first 1 million users with fully completed and verified USER IDs on the NXTSCORE_blockchain will receive 100 tokens

Tournament Prizes

500 million NXTX tokens to be won by gamers on NXTSCORE tournaments

Protocol Partners

200 million NXTX tokens to be sold or distributed to Protocol Partners in real money gaming operators in sports betting and fantasy sports for access to the NXTSCORE blockchain and services

 The App

Play the game to win tokens

Starting this football season, gamers can start “mining” NXTX tokens on the first NXTSCORE-enabled gaming experience, NXTSCORE. Available on both Android and iOS, gamers can play in free tournaments based on NFL games. Since this first version is 100% free-to-play, NXTSCORE is legal to play in all 50 states. This lets us have the widest footprint in terms of reaching gamers.
Unlike static sports prediction games, gamers “trade” in and out of shares of propositions during the game. As opposed to bets or fantasy targets based on a whole sporting event, in-game propositions are widely expected to be the next big thing in sports gaming....what is happening right now?
NXTSCORE Propositions across sports can be:
Tom Brady to complete 2 passes this possession
Buccaneers to cross midfield this possession
Shohei Ohtani to get a HIT this at-bat
Steph Curry to HIT a 3-pointer this Quarter
Giannis to make his next 2 free throws
Patrick Mahomes to gain 20 yards rushing this Quarter
Chase Elliot to be in the Top 5 at the end of Lap 50
Gamers ranked high enough on the tournament leaderboard win tokens. Additionally, gamers get tokens for referring friends. And gamers can play in private tournaments called Sidepots to win more tokens from their friends.
As gamers join, more gamers get added to the NXTSCORE_blockchain. As gamers play, the pricing algorithms of the NXTSCORE gaming engine gets better.

 The Gaming Engine

At the heart of NXTSCORE is our gaming engine. The NXTSCORE engine has successfully been tested with in-game propositions in over one hundred NBA, MLB, and NFL games, with actual gamers making transactions.
In the static world of yesteryear, a bookmaker set the odds, a bettor placed a bet and waited a few hours for the result. In the future, the gaming activity promoted will seek to compress the duration of a wager to the smallest unit of time possible...the next bucket, the next pass, the next at-bat, the next lap, the next score.
The gaming engine’s goal is to algorithmically generate props, originate a price based on probability, adjust the price based on ongoing events, and settle bets. NXTSCORE’s gaming engine, game formats, and intellectual property are further described in US Patent Filing titled
Unlike binary YES/NO predictions, NXTSCORE assigns a probability of 0-100 to each proposition. Based on the next play, game situation, or time on the clock, the NXTSCORE gaming engine constantly re-prices probabilities.
With thousands of permutations possible within a single sporting event, with real-time changes in probabilities and prices, only algorithmically–driven prices layered with peer-to-peer liquidity will be fast enough to make markets. This is a crucial limitation to pure prediction markets that rely on peer-to-peer liquidity – the compressed timeframes of props, the volatility, the esoteric nature of props, the vast permutations make it less likely that adequate liquidity can be provided by other users at all times. The NXTSCORE benchmark will be universal.
In this new world, our thesis is as follows:
0 to 100 is the future
Probability is best expressed in percentages, not fractions. It is better to say that something went from 20 to 25 (20% to 25%) than it is to say it went up from 1/5th to 1/4th or that the moneyline moved from +400 to +300. Once the change happens, it is going to be completely obvious that 0-100 is far more intuitive.
Gamers will demand the most intriguing propositions tied to game situations, with accurate and fair prices tied to the probability. The NXTSCORE gaming engine understands the game, and learns what is the most entertaining and thrilling prop to highlight, can update the probability based on user-demand, market depth imbalances and liquidity considerations, stadium information, and close the bet when the outcome has been determined.
With a highly immersive gaming experience through our app and the ability to win tokens for free, NXTSCORE will 1) begin accumulating a userbase and 2) get better at pricing in-game propositions. As more and more “buy” and “sell” signals come in, our gaming engine will get smarter.
Third party game developers, protocol partners, and even gamers can create endless permutations of gaming experiences from the endless propositions, prices, and game formats produced by the NXTSCORE Gaming Engine. Think new forms of fantasy sports, prediction contests, and sports betting marketplaces.
We want the NXTSCORE Price to become the universal pricing standard and pricing reference for all in-game props in American sports. With a userbase of gamers, the NXTX token distributed to gamers, a gaming engine that is getting smarter with every trade, and gaming API that enables partners to create fluid and fun in-game experiences, we expect to launch a protocol.

 The Protocol

Unlike theoretical protocols, NXTSCORE seeks to deliver immediate value for our Protocol Partners and Gamers, starting this football season:
Get gamers to win NXTX tokens with NXTSCORE’s free-to-play game in all 50 states this fall starting with College Football and the NFL
Create value for NXTX tokens through our Protocol Partners, who get access to our gamers if they offer incentives NXTX tokens
The Protocol Partners that are going to create the most value for our tokens are the entities that value our gamers the most – the entities that have the highest cost of customer acquisition for our type of gamer will be the companies that will redeem our tokens for the most value. NXTSCORE’s objective is to have our Protocol Partners treat the value they give NXTX tokens as a part of their ongoing marketing expense to onboard new users.
To judge this, we turn to the US stock market. Who needs access to sports fans:
1) Gaming Operators
Gaming Operators such as DraftKings, Fanduel, and the dozens of competitors have aggregate warchests in the billions of dollars to acquire sports gamers – a real money sports bettor is worth $3,000 to $5,000 in market cap.
2) Pay TV Ecosystem
Pay TV bundles and streaming services such as YouTubeTV, FuboTV, AT&T, Comcast, and Hulu that offer live sports charge over $60 per month – the capital markets value a subscriber in the thousands of dollars.
We want NXTX tokens to be the bullets competitors need in their respective wars. Our token, protocol, and economy anticipates the future of watching and betting, the gamification of watching sports.
In the future, gaming and television will be highly synchronized and delivered together, with gaming operators needing to work with television operators, streaming services, and rightsholders.
At the core of this convergence will be in-game activity, the gamification of watching sports...the next pitch, next play, next possession, next putt...
Gamification does two things:
1) It keeps the television ecosystem thriving as gamers and TV subscribers pay maximum attention, since every play matters
2) For gaming operators, it generates an immense amount of wagering volume, with gamers buying and selling positions. In-game bets are shorter, more volatile, and more exciting.
The intersection of TV and gaming will be one of the primary uses of our protocol. TV has the sports audience, needs maximum attention, and will look to create gamified experiences – regulated gaming operators are the entities that can make money from TV audiences engaging in real-money sports bets and fantasy sports.
Our token, protocol, and economy looks to place the gamer at the center of the ecosystem and allow gamers to capture rents from their value to the sports ecosystem. For protocol partners, our protocol is going to dramatically reduce marketing and customer acquisition and retention expenditures, enable a much deeper understanding of each gamer, and bring rationality to the market.

 The Blockchain

One universal ID for every sports bettor in America.
Every time a USER joins NXTSCORE through any of our apps or services on our ecosystem, a USER-ID is created.
User ID
Phone Number
E-mail Address
Date of Birth
Token Balance
Trade History
KYC/AML Verification and compliance check
Verified ID?
State of Residence
Pay TV Subscriptions
TV Networks Authenticated In
Gaming Accounts
Skill Level
Friends and Followers on NXTSCORE
Problem Gambler / Self-Exclusion List?
NXTSCORE Forwarding E-mail Address
When a protocol partner wants to access NXTSCORE gamers, credit or debit tokens to a user, the Protocol Partner can verify the gamer’s identity on the block, and add NXTX tokens or debit NXTX tokens based on the gamer’s activity on their app.
The NXTSCORE_Blockchain will be based on a Layer 2 solution or combination of layer 2 methodologies to keep transactions fast and fluid, keep transactions costs low, and maximize security.
Protocol Partners can credit or debit ledgers directly without writing directly to Ethereum’s mainnet. The NXTSCORE_Blockchain will contain all of the tokens held by gamers collectively unless the gamer has withdrawn the tokens to an ERC-20 wallet.
Sports bets and entry fees on third party gaming operators do not need to be denominated in NXTX tokens, but some remittance of tokens or partial tokens will be required for USER identification, transaction reporting, TV stream authentication, etc.
The benefit is two-fold.
0-100 based Game formats covered by NXTSCORE’s patent filings and powered by its gaming engine can only be played by gamers with NXTSCORE IDs. The USER data needs to be shared back, what the gamer is buying, what they are selling, when they are selling it. This is needed to refine the pricing.
The value in having the most refined and accurate price, a universal standard, is that it prevents arbitrage by gamers who spot price discrepancies across various sports books and gaming operators.
The simple proposition of the NXTSCORE_blockchain to every protocol partner is access to the NXTSCORE user, the NXTSCORE price, and NXTSCORE game formats, NXTSCORE patents, with the gaming activity tracked across all Protocol Partners. Protocol Partners need to use tokens to access the NXTSCORE.


Josh Parasar
Co-Founder, CEO
Head of Trading & Pricing
Josh graduated from Penn in 2017 with a degree in Chemical Engineering from SEAS and a Business degree from Wharton, concentrating in statistics. He spent three years as a high frequency options trader and has been building in-game pricing algorithms for NXTSCORE for the past two years.

Bhu Srinivasan
Bhu Srinivasan started as a venture-backed founder during the dot-com boom. His commercial career has spanned news, gaming, financial data, and sports. He took several years off to write his acclaimed work, Americana: A 400-Year History of American Capitalism.

Kevin Watson
Head of Partnerships
A 20+ year veteran of corporate political affairs, media strategy and advertising, Kevin is passionate about building partnerships that bring value to NXTSCORE gamers. He’s a lifelong sports fan, and despite his Southern California residency, Kevin is a Pacific Northwest native and diehard Seattle sports fan with season tickets to the Seahawks and Sounders FC.

Yanni Lyratzakis
Head of Crypto
Yanni graduated from Penn in 2017 with a degree in Computer Engineering. He has worked as a quantitative analyst and enterprise software developer. He's passionate about building distributed systems and is focused on implementing NXTSCORE's blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.