NXTSCORE operates at the intersection of sports gaming and crypto.

Goldman Sachs predicts that the US sports betting market will grow to over $30 billion in annual revenues by 2033 from less than $2 billion today. States like California, Texas, and Florida are expected to legalize sports betting.

Within sports betting, LIVE in-game betting while sports are being played, is expected to be the dominant driver of growth.

The thrill of sports is all in anticipation... the next pitch, next drive, next putt, next lap, next bucket, next score… to gamify this is our mission.

Our thesis is this:

1) Live betting will look like gaming…like playing a video game as you are watching sports… reacting quickly to the action.

2) Crypto is going to become a large part of all gaming.


Powered by our proprietary gaming engine, we have a free play-to-earn experience for NFL, NBA, and MLB where gamers play intensely to win tokens. By being free, NXTSCORE is available in all 50 states.

Every night, we run tournaments for select NBA games where gamers win tokens. Without any clear value for our tokens, gamers have taken to our initial game format. But there will be more.


We want to:

1) continually create fresh new experiences for gamers to enhance the thrill of watching sports,

2) create utility for our token and create NFT experiences around sports gaming,

3) monetize initially in 42 states using the fantasy sports exemption.

The gameplan is to iterate and dominate.